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AB Doer 360

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AB Doer 360 – Enjoy your Muscles Transformation

Are you desperately searching for the best exercising machine for toning your flabby muscles and create a fun-filled work out session, then AB Doer 360 is your ultimate choice. This wonder machine allows you to perform your vigorous exercises with 100 percent results while comfortably seated. AB Doer 360 is designed exclusively with the patent technology – “Torsion-Flex” that offers maximum strength to every area of your muscles. The all-new AB Doer provides a complete movement of 360 degrees.

You can now easily twist and shed those flabby fatty tissues with the AB Doer aerobic exercise. This amazing machine supports the exerciser and helps to be focused on each part if the body from hamstrings, hips, legs, buttocks, thighs and especially your oblique and abdominal muscles! The machine is ergonomically created with contoured bars to strengthen hands biceps, chest, triceps, upper back, and shoulders. Sit in a comfortable position and start doing workouts for toning the muscles to perfection. Rotating the arms will offer a complete body exercise specials.

The machine comes with a the rapeutic massaging roller that gives a healthy soothing relaxation with each reputation exclusivel

Salient features of the Ab Doer Twist 360

  • AB Doer is an excellent device that blends aerobic workouts with muscle toning in a proper preposition for beautiful results.
  • You will never feel stressed while working out in this wonder machine because you can be seated all through the session.
  • The exercises performed with AB Doer offer optimum efficiency and strength.
  • AB Doer ‘s patent technology the Torsion-Flex is a fabulous feature that allows you to tone every muscle tissue that can never be achieved with any other simple exercising machines in the market.
  • Exclusive strengthening of muscles in the upper body can be performed in twisted action comfortably in a sitting position with the contour arm bars provided.
  • The material used in the making of the AB Doer Twist is heavy gauge steel, which transforms the machine into a strong, stable and durable option.

Why is the AB Doer 360 your ultimate choice for satisfying all your fitness needs?

Torsion-Flex technology

The AB Doer is considered as a complete package of benefits for those who are health conscious. It is designed with the patent Torsion-Flex technology that helps you in toning those muscles which are not achable with other exercising methods. Tone muscles in your buttocks, triceps, chest, shoulders, biceps and upper back easily in a relaxed mode.

Contour armbar – complete control

The contoured armbar is exclusively designed to support your neck, wrist, upper back, elbows, hands, and shoulders while working out. It protects your body from any pain or stress in the future.

Easy to store and assemble

Storing the Ab Doer Twist is a piece of cake. It can be easily folded and kept safe until the next exercise session. Assembling the device is also a straightforward process that can be completed with ease.

Diverse resistance options

AB Doer is a power-packed multitasking machine that offers resistance rods at different weight level.

The varying resistance rods is considered as an additional boon to all fitness freaks with a mission to tone and build body muscle.

You can now perform high-level core exercises or repeat with same resistance for wonderful transformation.

Comfortable work out session

One excellent benefit of AB Doer is the cozy comfort you will enjoy while performing various forms of exercises in a seated position. This wonder machine is designed in a way that it can be used for by an athlete or fitness freaks and also easily by a beginner as well for extraordinary physique transformation. Say goodbye to those sweaty sip ups or pull ups or crunches that was done by kneeling position, and embrace the new innovative Ab Doer to excel in Your health schedule.

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