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Ultimate Exercise Belt Abtronic X2

Are you desperate for an easy and trusted way to shed those annoying belly fat of yours, look no further my friend your search ends here.

Abtronic X2 is an amazing abdominal toning belt, which causes deep contractions in the muscle with the use of electrical muscle stimulation.is is a unique device that controls your abdomen muscles by simply stimulating the nerves and thus giving fantastic results to your endeavor.

With this magic belt in your hands, you can now relax and enjoy the process of losing belly fat without performing any types of abdomen exercises or curls and crunches that are challenging and uncomfortable as well. Therefore you can save time and energy efficiently.

Abtronic X2 gives trust and confidence to the soul and quenches your thirst for muscle toning and strengthening instantly without any discomfort. You will be thrilled to experience a miraculous transformation in just a few workouts.



EMS or Electro muscle stimulation is the secret technique of the belt that helps in producing a magical transformation to your abdominal muscles. By this amazing technology, Abtronic X2 induce vibrations, contractions, and impulses directly into the targeted abdominal muscles.

When you wear the Abtronic X2 around your waistline, it develops an efficiently trained texture to your oblique and ab muscles with every session. The EMS vibes and pulse produced by the belt extends to the entire galaxy of muscles surrounding the abdominal area, thus producing fruitful results. The thermograph imaging of the working mechanism of Abtronic X2 has been scientifically proven to produce superior stimulation that gives seven times more benefits to the muscles toning than any other abdominal exercises.


The “X2” of Abtronic belt denotes to the double extreme level satisfaction and confidence that our product is going to shower on you with its Dual Channel Technology. There is a conductive gel pad placed both in front and back of the belt. This mechanism helps in toning and stimulating two sets of separate groups of muscles at the same workout session and thus saves your precious time.

Abtronic X2 enriches your body to perform eight different varieties of body exercises like the long stretchy pulsation, ab muscle toning and more intensive ones with much ease. The strategically planted gel pads targets on the major muscle groups in a particular area indirectly work on the surrounding core muscles as well are strengthened and toned simultaneously.


  • With the Dual Channel Technology of Abtronic X2 exercise belt, anyone can easily practice eighty different varieties of programs, with the ten intensity levels of workout options to choose.
  • The carefully designed Abtronic X2 belt helps in toning almost each part of your body. Yes, you can now use them to shape up and strengthen your firms, bums, shoulders and chest and more. All this in just a few minutes of the workout session.
  • Abtronic X2 considered as one of its kind with the ideally placed pads that help in toning two separate groups of muscles at the same session.
  • The EMS Technology implied in this ab exercise belt is scientifically proved through thermo graphic imaging method, that it can generate extraordinary stimulation and pulses to the muscles.
  • The necessary foundation for a strong, healthy body is the core muscles. The Abtronic X2 belt helps in strengthening and toning these core muscles to withstand the immense pressure exerted by Your whole body.
  • You can quickly melt those unwanted surface fats and obtain well toned healthy muscles by using Abtronic X2 exercise belt for minimum 10 minutes per day!

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