COBRACoil 4-in-1 Charging Dock, Stand and Sync Station (Lighting, Micro USB & Type C) - Buy 1 Get 1 Free

COBRACoil 4-in-1 Charging Dock, Stand and Sync Station (Lighting, Micro USB & Type C) - Buy 1 Get 1 Free

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Cobra Coil Cell Phone Holder Charger i...

Product Description

Cobra Coil Cell Phone Holder Charger is a STRONG MILITARY GRADE ALUMINIUM PHONE HOLDER - CHARGER. Our Cobra Coil phone stand and dock is Ultra-Durable, Ultra-Flexible and stronger than other flexible chargers. The aluminium construction case makes it lightweight, durable and tough.

The Cobra Coil is made from high-quality materials. It has so many advantages over traditional normal insulated phone chargers. This fast charging power connector provides you the ability to create endless positions and possibilities.


The COBRA COIL provides 2.4 MILLI-AMPS for LIGHTNING FAST CHARGING! Go from 10% to 100% up to 4x faster! Included with your purchase of Cobra Coil are 3 interchangeable Cobra Heads - LIGHTNING (for Apple Products like iPhone and iPad), Micro-USB (for Android) and USB Type-C.

SE COBRA COIL Cell Phone Holder Charger ANYWHERE!

Our metal android - apple charging cable is perfect for the following:

  • Car, SUV, or Boat
  • Nightstand charging
  • Office
  • Use as a tripod Kitchen Table Sofa/Couch Laptop Desktop Computer Navigation Music Games Movies Videos Hands-Free Voice and more!

  • SUPERIOR VERSATILITY – Adjustable and durable arm, configures to any shape. The Cobra Coil hands-free lightning mobile phone charger will hold your smartphone or tablet firmly while charging it at the same time if you connect to USB port. It can also be used as a phone holder -great for 360-degree full swivel viewing rotation.

  • EXCELLENT FOR TRAVEL – Take your Cobra Coil when traveling daily. The strong aluminum phone charger is a flexible holder and charging station. It will fit comfortably around neck, for use on airplanes, trains, road trips, buses, in bed, on the couch or anywhere. Our strong aluminum bends tightly for storage. Human Proof, Pet Proof, Everything Proof. Incredibly Strong. Incredibly Flexible.

  • UNIVERSAL HANDS-FREE CAPABILITY – Create an adjustable smartphone stand with superb viewing height. The Cobra Coil is sturdy, durable and long lasting – perfect for vertical and horizontal phone viewing. Just connect your phone and get ready for the ultimate hands free experience. The Cobra Coil design is flexible. You can twist and reshape the phone holder/charger repeatedly.

  • FAST CHARGING – Lightning to USB replaces your everyday charge cable. Ensure a maximum charging speed up to 2.4 milliamps with Apple or Android devices. Includes 2.5ft Cobra Coil with 1 Apple, 1 Android, and 1 C Type Connector. Cobra Coil is made from military grade aluminum and is designed to last for years.

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