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AB Doer 360

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AB Doer 360 – Enjoy your Muscles Transformation Are you desperately searching for the best exercising machine for toning your flabby muscles and create a fun-filled work out session, then AB Doer 360 is your ultimate choice. This wonder machine allows you to perform your vigorous exercises with 100 percent results while comfortably se..

Abtronic X2

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Ultimate Exercise Belt Abtronic X2 Are you desperate for an easy and trusted way to shed those annoying belly fat of yours, look no further my friend your search ends here. Abtronic X2 is an amazing abdominal toning belt, which causes deep contractions in the muscle with the use of electrical muscle stimulation..

iWalk Compact Treadmill

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iWalk Compact TreadmillWalk to improve your health and lifestyleIt seems like it’s always too hot, too cold, too wet or too dark to get outside for a walk or a run. That’s not a problem anymore with the iWalk.iWalk is the compact treadmill that lets you get active in your home, whenever you want.It's suitable for people of all ages and fitness leve..

Slim ABS - Waist Shaper (Buy 1 Get 1 Free)

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Slim ABS is designed with the revolutionary and unique intelligent fibres, that naturally increase the body's natural heat, helping increase core temperature while wearing them, therefore helps sweating with a minimum effort, thus improving the results of your exercise routines and controlling the body areas that concern us the most.Slim ABS are fi..


Strider Pro Low Impact Elliptical Machine

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Introduction to Strider Pro:Strider Pro is a versatile and low impact without equipment targeting your core and lower body.The long moving handles ensure a full body workout. The U-Handle is stationary provides you more stability especially for beginners.Exercise Program:For maximum results, use Strider Pro 2-3 times per week. Your abilit..

Vibra Fit Vibration Machine

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Vibro Shaper Vibration - The Vibrating Weight Loss MachineVibro Shaper multi-dimensional movements accelerate your workout effectiveness by causing up to 50 muscle contractions per second.The vibra fit delivers great results in less time - 10 minutes on this machine can replace up to half an hour of conventional workout.The rapi..

Zoom Vision plus (with Free zoom vision and Aviator sunglasses)

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 From the original makers of Zoom Vision, introducing ZOOM VISION + with LED - the new LED lighted magnifying eyewear that makes tasks like thread a needle, reading small print or trying to work on a hobby or project easy! Ultra-bright and hands free - bringing the power of a magnifying glass right where you need it the most - to your eyes!&n..

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