Zoom Vision plus (with Free zoom vision and Aviator sunglasses)

Zoom Vision plus (with Free zoom vision and Aviator sunglasses)

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Product Description

Zoom Vision

Zoom Vision , is a new "As Seen On TV" product which promises users the ability to quickly and easily have hands free magnified vision for any activity which may required.

Vision Glasses

The easiest way to explain Zoom Vision Glasses is to think of a classic magnifying glass. Magnifying glasses are useful for a wide variety of projects which use tiny pieces, or reading of small text. Unfortunately, the use of most magnifying glasses requires your hands, and depending on the size of the magnifying glass, users will be limited to what size area can be magnified at any one time.

Magnifying Glasses

The website claims that these glasses magnify objects by 200% and are flexible, lightweight, and unisex in design. They do not require an exam or prescription because they are just a magnifying product, not intended to correct vision problems. The website describes them as being perfect for projects like threading needles, replacing small batteries like those in hearing aids, repairing jewelry, and much more.

Unisex In Design

Zoom Vision takes the classic concept behind a magnifying glass and turns it into a set of shield style glasses, so they can be placed directly over any existing glasses, contacts, or sunglasses you are already wearing. This is important because Zoom Vision Glasses only act as immediate magnifiers - they do not address or correct any other vision problems, so the combination of necessary prescription eyeglasses with the magnifying action of these additional glasses are intended to provide the best vision solutions.

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