Vibra Fit Vibration Machine

Vibra Fit Vibration Machine

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Vibro Shaper Vibration - The Vibrating Weight Loss Machine

Product Description

Vibro Shaper Vibration - The Vibrating Weight Loss Machine

Vibro Shaper multi-dimensional movements accelerate your workout effectiveness by causing up to 50 muscle contractions per second.

  • The vibra fit delivers great results in less time - 10 minutes on this machine can replace up to half an hour of conventional workout.
  • The rapid vibrations in vibrar fit cause a high rate of muscle contraction, providing better flexibility, improving balance, reducing stress and fatigue and improving energy levels.
  • It has wheels so it can be transported from one place to another easily.
  • Console with LED screen that displays mode, vibration speed, and running time. In addition, the remote control makes setting changes easy from any position, plus remote.

Multi-Directional Vibration

     Revolutionary technology combines unique oscillating movements to target those hard to reach areas - like the tummy, butt, and thighs -with up to 50 muscle contractions per second.

99 Speed Settings

    Walk, Jog, Run - With 99 different settings you can personalize your workout in your home - with just a click of a button. Perfect for all ages and fitness levels, from teens to seniors.

In-Built Computer & Remote

     Track your progress and adjust your workout in an instant. Set your workout and relax - with weight loss and fitness results in just minutes a day - without the hassle of the gym.

Features & Benefits

  • 1. Built-in computer with counter
  • 2. Power bands for toned arms and upper body
  • 3. Remote control so you don’t have to bend down
  • 4. 99-speed levels – customize your workout so it never gets boring

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