Zoom Vision plus (with Free zoom vision and Aviator sunglasses)

Zoom Vision plus (with Free zoom vision and Aviator sunglasses)

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From the original makers of Zoom Vision, introducing ZOOM VISION + with LED - the new LED lighted magnifying eyewear that makes tasks like thread a needle, reading small print or trying to work on a hobby or project easy! Ultra-bright and hands free - bringing the power of a magnifying glass right where you need it the most - to your eyes!


Banish Frustration!

Brand new technology from Zoom Vision + makes everything 160% bigger with 2 build in LED’s for “high beam” vision!

With new magnification technology and high definition, ZOOM VISION + will let you see intricate details with laser clarity. Day or Night. Enjoy hobbies or projects again without trying to hold a magnifying glass with one hand.

Wear over your prescription glasses or contact lenses and enjoy knitting, reading, arts and crafts and more.  Wear during the day without the lights on OR at night in bed without disturbing anyone.

Zoom Vision is scratch resistant and lightweight too. 

Now you can say goodbye to the aggravation when it comes to reading those small prescription bottles

as well as making your hobbies fun again.

With over 1 million original ZOOM Vision sold, act now to get

the brand new ZOOM VISON+ with LED magnification with carrying pouch for only Rs.1999.00


But Wait!  We’ll add a free pair of our original best-selling ZOOM VISION  for day time wear, free!  Keep one in the nightstand and one in the kitchen drawer.  That’s 2 sets of the world’s #1 selling magnifying eyewear for only Rs.1999.00

AND…If you act now, we’ll send you these stylish aviator glasses with case valued at Rs.3000 absolutely free.

So get it all! The brand new Zoom Vision+ with build-in LED lights, the original ZOOM VISION magnifiers 

AND these Aviator glasses for one low price. Call now!

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